Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

At West Tomball Birth Center we provide care for families wanting a natural childbirth in a luxurious home-like setting. We are a full-service facility providing complete maternity care. We do all of your prenatal care appointments, labs, sonograms, labor, birth, and six weeks of postpartum care for mom and baby.

We are located in near Fairfield, off of Mueschke between 290 and 99.

We are a small practice and provide personalized one on one care.  Holly has been practicing midwifery for over 23 years and has “caught” over 1500 babies.  She is well known in Texas for her experience and skills as a midwife, especially in vaginal breech births.  She works closely with her clients to help them have the birth they want.


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Our Services

Prenatal Care

Each prenatal is a time to not only assess how the pregnancy is proceeding physically. Time is spent answering your questions about …

Labor and Birth

We encourage as much family involvement during labor and birth as is possible if desired by mom. We have a strong belief that there is a great opportunity for a family to come together during …

Postpartum Care

Baby is placed on mom’s chest immediately following birth and breastfeeding and skin to skin contact is encouraged. Once baby is one hour old, a thorough newborn exam is done at mom’s side. Prior to the newborn exam, baby’s lungs, heart rate and temperature are assessed …



Water birth is the process of giving birth in a tub of warm water. Some women choose to labor in the water and get out for delivery.

Safety of an Out-Of-Hospital Birth

Contrary to what you may think, giving birth outside of a hospital can be very safe. In fact, for most pregnant women, a planned home or birth center birth with a trained midwife in attendance is actually safer than a planned hospital birth.

What is a Midwife?

The word midwife means literally “with woman”. Midwives have been around as long as women have been giving birth.

Fees & Insurance

We are much less expensive than giving birth in a hospital. We are out of network providers and do take insurance.  If you don’t have insurance, or have a high deductible plan, we do offer payment plans and some discounted rates.

Late Transfers

We accept women into our care as late as 36 weeks as long as they have been receiving prenatal care.

Recommended Reading

This is a must see. I know it’s not a book, but if you do nothing else watch this movie for you and your baby!!


We are so happy to have found Holly. She is the best midwife we could have chosen.
Angela & Kenny

We are so grateful that we chose a midwife we could trust completely.
Camille & Scott

Holly truly loves what she does and it was evident in the wonderful care I received with her!
Jennifer & Ramferi

Bringing Penelope into this world with your midwifery guidance was so
Stacie & Nate

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